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Written by Justin.


One of the many trendy options in the Chicks Beach area of greater Virginia Beach is Lubo.  Along with an Italian/French feeling menu, Lubo also boasts a large wine selection.  Kait and I decided to go there on a Friday night, returning after just one previous visit.  The first time we came to Lubo it was for drinks and appetizers.  We sat outside on their cute patio and enjoyed a slightly above average bottle of wine and a couple of their well put-together appetizers.  This time we were coming for a full blown dinner, and as it was a Friday evening, we expected to probably wait for a bit until a table opened up for us.  However, to our delight, we were able to be seated imediately in the upstairs portion of the restaurant.

Lubo is broken up into an upstairs and downstairs dining room and an outside patio.  The inside dining room is sort of confusing.  With a decent looking bar immediately in front of you as you walk in, the rest of the restaurant feels like a mix between an art gallery, a French bistro, and a hip go-out place.  Part of the confusion of the dining rooms probably has something to do with the building itself. It’s not really ideally set up for flow and comfort.  They also didn’t help themselves with the lighting choices. It kind of feels like you’re under a spotlight and it’s just a little strange. photo 4

Today we thought we would forgo the wine and just stick to the meal, however, sitting atop the specials menu was this interesting drink described as basically a fresh watermelon spritzer with ginger ale, lime juice, and mint.  Sounds delicious and refreshing right?  We thought so too, so we were going to split it.  After we ordered that, we had to figure out what we were going to eat.  There was one starter in particular that stood out to us which was their steamer bowl for the evening.  The components and flavors of their steamer bowls change frequently and tonight’s option included clams, mussels, and shrimp all in a butter, wine, & garlic broth.  It sounded too good to pass up, so we didn’t!

As far as entrees go their menu went from burgers, to pizza, to main dishes that included Italian and French inspired creations but all pretty Americanized.  Kait had been talking about pizza for the past week and their white pizza looked like it would do just the trick.  This pizza had mozzarella, ricotta, Parmesan, and basil all on an extremely thin slightly crispy crust. I had a tough time choosing a meal.  I definitely couldn’t get the same thing as Kait because, as you’ll come to know, I CANNOT GET THE SAME THING AS HER! I absolutely refuse. It seems silly for both of us to order the same thing when we could both order something different and then I could try something else.  She thinks it’s silly and that we should just order what we want, but I will NEVER settle for that.

I didn’t want anything as heavy as a burger, and nothing else was really popping out at me.  I honestly am not very impressed with the menu, with the exception of some good appetizers, and the pizzas we now know, the menu doesn’t have too much to offer.  I ended up settling on one of the specials – pasta a la vodka.  It described a pretty traditional take on this dish, with a creamy tomato sauce, supposedly cooked with a dash of vodka, and all the expected Italian flavors of garlic, onion, olive oil, and pepper.  Finished off with some chicken, as I pretty much always have to have meat with my meal. (Sorry for the half eaten meal photos. We were so hungry, we forgot to take pics before digging in haha) photo 3 photo 1

I won’t lie Kait’s pizza was very delicious.  It had the perfect amount of cheese and the crust was just right.  Kait and I both have a thing for thin crust.  I’m a big fan of pasta, and pasta a la vodka is one of those dishes that I usually really enjoy.  Unfortunately, this particular version was very average.  The pasta was a little over cooked and it generally lacked some pizazz.  All the right flavors were there but it was just pretty dull.  More salt and pepper would have done wonders!  Not to mention, I’m used to having this dish with a little kick to it, usually added by some crushed red pepper, but maybe I’m just being picky.  Either way I wasn’t ecstatic with my choice and I highly doubt, unless I had just returned from being lost in the wilderness for a few days, that I would order it again.  At the end of the day Kait’s pizza was delicious and my meal was average.  It’s one of those places that we’ll end up going back to though, you know?  It’s really close to our house and we know their appetizers and wine selection are good.  We know what they do well and what they don’t do well, so we can stick to that.


Do you guys have any of those places?  Maybe something really close and convenient to you that you would never eat your last meal at, but you go because of the few things they do well?

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LUBO Wine Tasting Room
1658 Pleasure House Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
Monday 5pm – til
Tuesday -Friday 11:30am – til
Sat & Sun  10am – til


  1. That pizza looks delicious! Now I want pizza for lunch!

  2. Such a shame you didn’t enjoy your meal that much because it looks absolutely amazing. I love pasta and have had something very similar looking made with vodka before too and the first time I had it was amazing . The second time bot so much . I think I had a different chef.

    • Kait & Justin

      August 4, 2015 at 1:28 pm

      I know! I think he was looking for that little bit of pizzaz in the dish and just didn’t find it. The pizza was incredible though. That seems to happen to us quite often, where we go and really enjoy the restaurant and then the next time we go we are disappointed with our experience.

  3. I’m glad the pizza worked for you, but as a pasta girl myself I’m sad that it was blah. I’m super jealous of your food adventures. I’ve had to cut back on my expenditures of late and eating out has had to go. Much as I love cooking, I miss the experience of exploring a new restaurant with my daughters. Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

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